Where it began

Stoned & Waisted was originally launched in 2003. I came across a manufacturer who was working with semi-precious stones and bespoke buckles in California. It was at that point I decided there was a gap in the market for beautiful differentiated belts for the UK customer. I truly believe there is the perfect accessory for everyone, elevating any outfit to a higher level.

Where it is now

Our belts are often designs that have been part of a portfolio of styles that have been part of my wardrobe for the last 15 years. Styles often with beading, studs, textured leather and brass/nickel hardware that make each item a wardrobe staple. After taking 5 years off, working for an international retailer, I have relaunched the brand (working with two suppliers that I know and trust) to include luxury leather dog collars and leads and a semi-precious jewellery line sourced out of Jaipur in India.

I introduced S&W Hound as a natural progression from the leather belts which also coincided with me finally getting my precious dog Gertie (a Hungarian Viszla) who can be seen in all of our product shots. This has been reflected in many of the S&W Hound products, with many of the items stamped either inside the collar or lead with "the best relationship I have ever had". Just a quirky, fun point of differentiation that our brand offers.

Where it's going

The rational is, I enjoy wearing beautiful leather accessories, it's about time someone offered a dog range that is beautiful and differentiated to compliment what you too are wearing. Often, styles offered in the belt range, have been transferred into our dog collar range, so dog and owner can be perfectly matched! It is also important to me that the product is well designed, for example all of our dog leads have a ring attached to the handle to allow the product to be worn across the body which means it is one less item to carry on your dog walk.

The whats, whys and wherefores

The jewellery is all solid silver with an 14ct gold plate often with semi-precious stones or caramel coloured diamonds, which are not often used here in the UK market, but I believe offer a differentiation of tone and colour for a more bespoke piece. The 14ct gold has a unique tone that I find compliments the English skin tone beautifully and again another point of differentiation to the brand.

The reason the brand works so well, it is about "Everyday Luxury". Beautiful, well thought out designed and produced products that you will wear day in, day out. Your favourite cherished pieces that give you colour, texture and something slightly different to the norm that you go back to time and time again because it's beautiful quality and makes you feel good about stepping out in the world.